Special Loan

We have developed a special loan product for people who are employed in the Banking Industry and we have also set up a special arrangement for commission for referring clients to us.
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Business Based Loans

Business Loan considered short term financial services to business (individual or Company) who are in need of immediate cash. These business categories are involves schools, Colleges and Universities, Suppliers, Hotels, Pharmacies, dispensaries and hospitals, wholesale and min supermarkets, churches, contractions companies, private companies and other SMEs.

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Salary Based Loan

Salary based loans aimed to provide short terms financial assistance to various employees who are in need of such services.

Employees can acquire financial services from AML directly (Individual salary based loan) or through employer (full guaranteed by employer)

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Individual Based Loans

Under this category employee can acquire both salary based loan and business loans directly from AML and he/she will go through all the loan procedures including signing a contract.

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Applicant under those categories can apply and where the documents will be required CLICK Read More button.

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  1. Speed- African Microfinance Limited ► is providing quick LOAN services and in high quality to our esteemed clients
  2. Friendly Environment - AML ► provides services in a friendly environment which make the client feel more comfortable and welcomed
  3. African Microfinance Limited ► give the first priority to clients

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