2015 -Career Incubation Programme at AML

2015 -Career Incubation Programme at AML

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Universities and other tertiary training institutes in Tanzania produce more than 10,000 graduates who seek to be absorbed by the formal labour market every year, a large proportion of whom remain unemployed.One of the reasons for high levels of unemployment for these graduates is that the education system is not preparing learners to work in the labour market.
Therefore, African Microfinance Limited (AML) has set up a career incubation programme (CIP) whose purpose is to assist the graduates settle smoothly either into the labour market as employees or in businesses as entrepreneurs.


AML was established in 2010 as a Limited Liability Company to provide financial services to small businesses and individuals in Tanzania. AML’s mission is to provide financial solution to individuals who feel denied such services by conventional banks. It runs a loan scheme targeting small businesses with a view to supporting micro, small and Medium Size Enterprises (MMSE’s).


This programme is set up to absorb students just as they graduate from university studies and put them on a six months on the job training to coach them to do well in the areas in which they wish to seek to be employed or organize business ventures. The progamme will therefore focus on two induction areas namely: job searching techniques and skills required in starting and running small businesses.

However, initially, the CIP will mainly focus on on-the –job training. We believe that even graduates wishing to start their own businesses should first seek employment to gain experience as well earn some social capital and wage income before they can engage in business entrepreneurship. This project therefore is intended toact as an incubation period for graduates before they go out in search of employment or seeking to establish business ventures.The first three months of the progamme will expose students to real life work experience by:

(1) Conducting internal seminars on how to prepare for job interviews and what is expected of them as employees
(2) Inviting speakers from the labour market to discuss labour market related issues
(3) Asking the graduates to work under supervision of AML managers on specific assignments, particularly marketing activities
(4) Connecting students with prospect employers.

The other three months will focus more on entrepreneurship where graduates will work for AML for 4 days and attend seminars for 2 days each week. During this time the programme will seek to provide students with the knowledge, skills and motivation as well as creating an environment favorable to the encouragement of the promotion of entrepreneurial behavior in a variety of settings.


  • To assist the graduates in undertaking successful job-searches
  • To develop relevant attitudes, skills and knowledge required by the labour market
  • To provide a supportive environment for young people to explore and engage in entrepreneurial careers

We are currently looking to recruit twenty (20) graduates for this year which will start on August, 1, 2014.The prospective candidates should be the diploma holder or advanced diploma holder in marketing or related business subjects. During the six months the graduates will be paid a base salary and a commission on the sales they will do every month. However, those who will manage to secure employment as the programme continues will be allowed to proceed and the programme shall scale down accordingly.

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