African Microfinance Limited

We call ourselves the African Microfinance Limited (AML); we are a limited liability company seeking to provide financial services to small businesses and individuals in Tanzania. Our main objective is to run a loan scheme targeting small businesses with a view to supporting micro, small and Medium Size Enterprises (MSE).

AML’s mission is to provide sustainable financial solutions to individuals who feel denied such services by conventional banks. We want to contribute significantly to improved livelihood in Africa. We aim at building a sustainable institution to stimulate growth, create jobs and reduce poverty in this continent.

Millions of Tanzanians lack access to basic financial services. By way of seeking to minimize this problem, the setting up of AML has been pursed with the firm intent of running the scheme under sound practice, solid standards and committed leadership.

Experience has shown that access to loans has invariably empowered millions of poor people to work their way out of poverty. Also, lending to small businesses represents a viable business proposition. Therefore, the purpose of AML is to be successful by partnering with small businesses and other stakeholders in wealth creation, thus contributing to assisting all who are determined to gain financial independence and prosperity.


Financing - Access For All

We have developed a special loan product for people who are employed in the Banking Industry and we have also set up a special arrangement for commission for referring clients to us.

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  1. Speed- African Microfinance Limited ► is providing quick LOAN services and in high quality to our esteemed clients
  2. Friendly Environment - AML ► provides services in a friendly environment which make the client feel more comfortable and welcomed
  3. African Microfinance Limited ► give the first priority to clients

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