• Short Term Financing

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    Provide short term financing which ideally suited low income groups who cannot digest large loans, and do not prefer long term commitments,

  • Finance Available Immediately

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    Provide loans to borrowers expeditiously and in a flexible manner thus making finance available immediately when it is needed and with a minimum amount of paper work and requirement.

  • Interest Rate

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    We have reduced our interest rate further and increased the tenure and at the same time tremendously improved our customer services.

  • SME's Loans

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    We understanding the SME's are the backbone of our economy and we therefore offer Business Loans to SME's

  • Easily Accessible

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    Work close to the borrowers’ residences and workplaces and hence make ourselves easily accessible. Thus AML is close to small businesses physically and psychologically.


Salary based loans aimed to provide short terms financial assistance to various employees who are in need of such services.

Employees can acquire financial services from AML directly (Individual salary based loan) or through employer (full guaranteed by employer)

→ Individual Salary Based Loan

Under this category employee can acquire both salary based loan and business loans directly from AML and he/she will go through all the loan procedures including signing a contract. During the loan procedure this client will submit the following requirements

→Salary Based Loan Guarantee By Employer

Under this category employer will sign a contract with AML with agreement that it will guarantee his employee who are in need of financial facilities from our institution. The certain company will make sure that all monthly repayments will be deducted from the source (their monthly salaries) and a single cheque with the total amount of staff repayments should be submitted to AML. During this loan procedures the requirements should be as follows;


During this loan procedures the requirements should be as follows;

  1. Identification card.
  2. Letter from local government.
  3. Letter from referee or guarantor.
  4. Recent colored passport size.
  5. Salary slips (three months currently).
  6. Bank statement(Six months currently).
  7. Collateral.
  8. Application fee(2% percent of the amount applies).
  9. Business license and Tax identification number(for business loan).
  10. Postdated cheque.
  11. Home and business visitation.
  1. Memorandum and Article of Association.
  2. Board resolution allowing the management to enter the contract on behalf of Directors.
  3. Legal contract binding the obligation of the borrower to the lender both to be signed by both parties.
  4. Loan agreement.
  5. Audited financial report of at last 3years.
  6. Business license and TIN.
  7. Certificate of Incorporation.
  8. Identification @ Employee through letter of introduction from the employer.
  9. Passport size of @ Employee.
  10. Salary slips of @ Employee.
  11. Application fee 2% of loan amount applied.

  1. Speed- African Microfinance Limited ► is providing quick LOAN services and in high quality to our esteemed clients
  2. Friendly Environment - AML ► provides services in a friendly environment which make the client feel more comfortable and welcomed
  3. African Microfinance Limited ► give the first priority to clients

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